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3 crazy practices brokers still put up with

By: Formintel

It’s unavoidable right? Brokers fill in forms. 

First, we send countless emails requesting info from our clients in order to fill in their forms. Or we sit with our clients and guide them through each form field to avoid mistakes.

Second, we repeat the process with the same client info over and over into different PDFs for different insurance products.

Third, we start again from scratch with a new client, even though we are using the exact same form day after day. 

But what can we do? We are working with official forms from a 3rd party insurance company so this is unavoidable right? Not anymore. As brokers we are now saving countless hours per week with a web-based dashboard called FormIntel. Here’s how it helps remove the 3 crazy time-suckers we used to put up with day in, day out:

First, an online form is created to store your client’s info in one place. Your official insurance PDFs are loaded into the dashboard once-off and each PDF field is carefully matched to the online form.

Second, send your client a link to request all their info at once through the online form.

Third, Formintel autofills the stored client data into each PDF, making sure each field is filled out that way you need it. You can edit the client info and update all PDFs in one go. Or add new PDFs later to be autofilled in one click.

All that’s left for you to do is to print the PDF for a wet signature if required.

To give it a try go to or contact Raymond on or +27 72 632 2595

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