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30 years of friendship

By: Tony van Niekerk. Editor COVER Magazine

Last week Thursday COVER celebrated it’s 30th year of service to the industry. Through their busy midweek schedules, a large number of our friends “rocked” up at Higher Ground Restaurant in their 80’s gear to dance the night away with Donna Summer, ACDC, Bryan Adams, Queen and a host of other glam rockers.
Over 30 years, with your support, COVER has provided a platform to the industry where they go to learn, share knowledge, inform each other about industry developments, and generally, just stay informed. The industry has seen major shifts and changes over the years with large and small players coming and going, regulation changing and even a Government change.
However large or small the impact of these changes, relationship is the binding factor that makes the journey worthwhile. As much as we have a strong and robust industry, it is also a small industry, where reputation matters and where the handshake still confirms the outcome of the transaction. As the editor and owner of COVER, my first priority is always to add value to those we shake hands with.

COVER has truly embraced a multi-channel approach, providing our readers and advertisers with the platform, channel and approach that suits them best to receive or distribute information. To this end we are at the leading edge of media developments and innovation. A great example of this is our newsbot, Hugo the Newshound. A first of its kind in Africa, Hugo runs of the mobile Messenger application and brings the reader only that news he/ she selects, straight to their mobile, every morning at 7am. (scan here to sign up or search COVER Publications to enjoy this innovation)

Thank you to everyone who celebrated with us, whether you could make it or not. Your messages and well-wishes are truly appreciated.
Thanks also to our sponsors, who helped us to put the event together, Oakhurst Insurance, Chubb, Fulcrum and Outvest. Your friendship is valued.
A special word of thanks goes to Mandy, Kerry and Riccardo from Oakhurst, who were instrumental in putting it all together and who gave us the fantastic cake (excuse the hair in this Picture of the cake cutting ceremony). YOU ROCK!!!
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