A new standard in risk cover

Metropolitan has raised the bar with its new product, Odyssey RiskPlan, by adopting the new simple definitions and introducing a non-disclosure policy that has been benchmarked to international best practice.

Key features such as these make Odyssey RiskPlan that much easier for brokers to sell because they meet a need in the market for simplicity, transparency and claim certainty.

Customers, particularly at the upper end of the market, are becoming increasingly discerning – and when it comes to buying risk products, one of their biggest concerns is around claim certainty.

The last thing customers want is to have a claim repudiated as a result of accidental non-disclosure at the time of taking out cover.

The Odyssey RiskPlan non-disclosure policy is designed to ensure that only deliberate, fraudulent non-disclosure results in an outright repudiation of a claim that otherwise meets the claim definitions.

In all other cases, the approach to non-disclosure seeks to place the claimant in the position he/she would have been in had the disclosures been correctly made at application.

Benefit definitions and underwriting decisions have been designed to remove as much uncertainty as possible from the claims process and this makes RiskPlan one of the better risk products out there.

Comprehensive cover

The Odyssey RiskPlan also offers some of the broadest coverage available on the market, particularly in terms of critical illness, functional impairment and income protection.

The product offers options that provide for comprehensive cover, not only for critical illness but also with “complete risk” and “comprehensive disability” benefits.

For example, the comprehensive critical illness option offers broad cover against an extensive list of illnesses, conditions and other life-changing, traumatic events. This option also offers protection against unknown future illnesses and diseases.

The critical illness core option provides cost-effective cover against cancer, stroke and heart-related conditions that lead to approximately 80% of all critical illness claims.

In addition, there’s an Activities of Daily Living underpin that results in a benefit when a person is rendered unable to perform daily activities, even if the illness is not explicitly listed in the critical illness schedule.

Essentially, this means that RiskPlan customers will enjoy better cover against a wider range of conditions and illnesses.


With Odyssey RiskPlan, underwriting is done upfront to give customers peace of mind when a claim is submitted. By gathering all relevant information at the time of application, every effort is made to ensure applicants a great deal of certainty in advance on their claims.

Metropolitan is also training brokers and branch staff on the underwriting aspects of the product so Odyssey RiskPlan can be smoothly introduced into the market.

Upgradeability of benefits

RiskPlan offers upgradeability of benefits over time to help customers keep their cover relevant and affordable. This means that as illnesses become curable, treatment techniques improve and new diseases emerge, the product’s critical illness benefits evolve.

Customers who have an existing Metropolitan Odyssey risk product will be offered the opportunity to upgrade to the Odyssey RiskPlan product on preferential terms.

Premium increases

A range of premium guarantee terms and premium review caps are offered to provide peace of mind that the cost of your risk cover will not spiral out of control over time.

Where you select term insurance or whole-life cover, Metropolitan has set the premium at a level we expect to be sufficient to cover the cost of your risk insurance for the full term, so we do not expect to increase your Odyssey RiskPlan premium at the end of the premium guarantee period.

A product set apart

What makes Odyssey RiskPlan such an attractive proposition is the combination of simplified product design, competitive pricing and comprehensive risk cover, coupled with competitive underwriting and excellent servicing capability.

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