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A new way to insure an old car

By: Indwe

Johannesburg, Gauteng – It turns heads. It’s your best drive. It’s a work of art. Whatever your reason for owning a classic car or motorbike, you know that when it comes to cover, you need a policy as unique as your collection.

Classic cars are more than simply cars and the people who drive them aren’t everyday drivers. Because a well-maintained vehicle will usually appreciate in price, you want a policy that recognises the real value of your vehicle, and you need an insurer who shares your passion and offers cover that protects your pride and joy.

Indwe’s Classic and Collectibles Insurance has been created by industry experts, who understand the particular requirements of classic motoring enthusiasts and serious car collectors. It’s an insurance product designed for vehicles and motorbikes that are older than 20 years and it can be tailored to specific requirements.

Why is the insurance of a classic vehicle different to that of a conventional car? With a classic, its value increases, it’s driven for fun which limits mileage, repairs can be complicated due to the sourcing of original parts, and determining a value for insurance requires expert knowledge.

Indwe has a product that meets all these criteria and some of the main features if classic and collectibles insurance include:

  • Competitive premiums, payable annually or monthly
  • Full comprehensive cover, including own damage and third-party liability
  • Agreed values
  • Multi-car policy available
  • Limited and unlimited mileage options
  • Limited business use
  • Insured has first option on salvage
  • Windscreen cover up to R30 000
  • Locks and keys covered up to R10 000
  • Radio and equipment covered up to R6 000

A unique car needs a specialised insurance policy. Insure with the experts who are driven by the same passion and who share an appreciation for classic cars and motorbikes.

About Indwe

Indwe Risk Services (Pty) Ltd is a leading personal, business and specialist risk and insurance advisory business. With the founding company established in 1903, Indwe has a formidable history in insurance and is today one of South Africa’s largest brokers, delivering award-winning service to clients across the country. For more information visit or phone 0860 13 13 14.

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