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Africa insurance pulse on the digitisation of Africa’s insurance market

By: Faber

Today we share with you the Africa Insurance Pulse 01/2020 on the digitization of Africa’s insurance markets. 

Now in its fifth year, the Africa Insurance Pulse is produced on behalf of the African Insurance Organisation (AIO). This edition has been exclusively sponsored by Africa Re, Africa’s leading reinsurer. 

The Africa Insurance Pulse had been launched in early October at a webinar of the AIO in collaboration with Africa Re, Quantum Insurance and Faber Consulting. Following an initial one-month period, in which the Pulse had been accessible exclusively to AIO members, the study is now available to all readers. 

The Africa Insurance Pulse analyses how digital technology will enhance the appeal and affordability of risk transfer products in Africa. Digitization is expected to help streamline the insurance value chain and improve the efficiency of administrative processes. Ultimately, Africa’s insurers hope the new technology will boost awareness and demand for insurance solutions. 

These are some of the key findings of the publication. If you want to read the full publication, please consult our website. The publication is available in English and French

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