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Aon Launches Brexit Navigator

By: Aon

Aon has launched Brexit Navigator, a bespoke and proprietary three step solution designed to help organisations quantify the impact of Brexit risk exposures, and redesign risk management and risk financing structures.

Grant Foster, Managing Director UK of Aon Global Risk Consulting commented: “Extensive conversations with clients from different sectors and geographies over the past four months have given us a unique perspective on companies’ Brexit concerns.  These insights, combined with our deep and extensive expertise in risk advisory and solutions, have enabled us to develop Brexit Navigator; a market-leading risk-based solution.”

Brexit Navigator is a three-step solution, suitable for any organisation globally that has operations and business interests in the UK:

  • Baseline – Assesses how ‘Brexit-ready’ the organisation is, mapping out potential risks and opportunities, and undertaking a risk assessment through the lens of the EU’s four freedoms.
  • Balance – From Article 50 to formal exit, helps the organisation to realign its risk management and insurance programmes.
  • Horizon – from the point of the UK’s formal exit from the EU, tests the changes introduced to the risk and insurance programme of the organisation to help ensure resilience for the future.

Eddie McLaughlin, Chief Commercial Officer EMEA, Aon Global Risk Consulting added: “Brexit Navigator is a great example of what we do best at Aon; an innovative solution created by experts who have listened to what our clients need.  Like all emerging risks, the sooner an organisation can plan for an eventual outcome the better. Brexit Navigator will help clients measure and respond to risks and opportunities created by Brexit.”

Darlington Munhuwani, Multinational Manager at Aon South Africa says: “Brexit Navigator empowers our clients with information to help them make strategic decisions on how to deal or respond to the potential risks arising from Brexit. The EU is an important and growing export market for most African countries. As a result, the release of this tool will be of huge benefit to companies with a physical presence in Europe and the UK as well as those with trade links to these markets.”

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