Africa fastest-growing continent: But why still inequality?

Agriculture is not only the largest employer on the continent; it is also essential for the well being of the continent’s people. Yet, we prioritise other industries, leaving agriculture to fend for itself. It is clear that, if Africa does not prioritise agriculture, we will continue to depend on the West for survival.
AfricaBancassurance 2013

Digital landscape: then and now

During 2013’s African Bancassurance Conference, the CEO of iProspect Digital Distribution and Marketing, Peter Stewart, took the audience through the evolution of the digital landscape, from the early pioneers like Bill Gates who though the commercial value of the internet was still far off, to the folks at Google whose innovation turned the world on its head. Stewart also discussed the digital value chain, from the inception of an idea to making a sale. View the presentation here.
AfricaBancassurance 2013

The horse, the race and the back office

During the African Bancassurance Conference in 2013, Mia Geringer, the Director of Solveco, gave an interesting presentation on the importance of an effective systems development process for the development and implementation of a new back-office system in the short-term industry. The presentation can be downloaded here in PDF format.
AfricaBancassurance 2013

Product development for Africa

How does product development fare on the larger continent of Africa? During the 2013 African Bancassurance Conference Lloyd Campbell-Gibson gave a fascinating presentation in which he explored the diverse product development initiatives across Africa. Please feel free to contact Lloyd at: to get a copy of the presentation.
AfricaBancassurance 2013

Bancassurance beyond Credit Life

During last year’s African Bancassurance Conference Sean Gilday listed the various financial product and service needs of each segment in the bank and the products that are appropriate to them. From there he indicated which channels are suitable to reach them most effectively and ended with a summary of global bancassurance and product development trends. Find the full presentation in PDF form here.
AfricaBancassurance 2013

Opportunities in branch distribution

This year’s fourth African Bancassurance Conference will be held in Kenya and Ghana in March. To recap last year, download the presentation of Charmaine Scott, Head of Bancassurance Africa at Standard Bank, in PDF format here. Scott spoke about insurance distribution opportunities in bank branches across the continent, with a road map to success to boot.