Dispelling 5 POPIA myths

By: James George, Compliance Manager, Compli-Serve SA If you’re panicking about Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) compliance, don’t. This is according to Elizabeth de Stadler of Novation Consulting when speaking at Compli-Serve SA’s webinar…

Good governance tips in challenging times

By: Riana Grobler, Compliance Officer at Compli-Serve SA Simplifying the 16 steps of King IV corporate compliance We all know how quickly things can literally change overnight, particularly since first hearing about the Covid-19 pandemic…

POPIA – why you don’t need to panic (yet)

By: James George, Compliance Manager at Compli-Serve SA When we think of POPIA legislation, a range of thoughts and emotions follow, from fatigue (fair enough, as we’ve been waiting for movement for many years) to…

Information station

By: James George, Compliance Officer Manager, Compli-Serve SA Every organisation must have one. All public bodies, private bodies such as companies, CCs, partnerships, and trusts. Everybody has to have an Information Officer (IO) by law….
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The business compliance checklist

By: Business Partners Limited How to stay financing-ready this Global Entrepreneurship Week One of the most valuable lessons that small and medium enterprises (SMEs) will take away from the COVID-19 pandemic, is to keep their house…