80 Hackers expected at Santam Hackathon

It’s all systems go for the Santam Blockchain Hackathon, which brings together 80 radical geeks, lateral thinkers, problem solvers and innovators to find powerful solutions to an extreme issue facing South African

Fortinet launches Threat Protection

The advent of new technology, Internet of Things, Wifi, autonomous cars and other networks have provided many business opportunities, improved the way people do things and making

Insuring against cyber risks

The cyber insurance market is a potentially huge, but still mostly untapped one. Organisations of all sizes are starting to understand the importance of cyber insurance in today’s complex
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Cybercrime and security basics

Everything in our digitally-connected world has the potential to be infiltrated and exploited by cyber criminals. Levels of online fraud, digital crime and corporate espionage are rising steadily
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Nowhere to hide

How cyber-security needs to move from hopeful attempts at outright prevention, to real-time detection and neutralisation. The recent high-profile credit card fraud suffered by one of
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Understanding Dictionary attacks

All is quiet in the library. As sleepy hours of research linger on, suddenly, out of nowhere, a rabid librarian appears. With a blood curdling scream, wielding a large dictionary