Advice and Innovation E-book

Long Live Advice When we look at the long term industry, including financial, investment and retirement planning, we deal with long term uncertainties. You cannot change the reality for your clients when you’re dealing with…

Retirement E-book

Retirement: A matter of planning Retirement has become a more complicated matter than ever before. Besides the political and economic challenges, the normal tax planning and investment decisions, we now also have a myriad of…

Offshore E-book

Never a dull moment in the world of investing. The current South African economic and political climate, combined with the fall-out from COVID-19 makes it essential to search for professional advice to ensure you diversify effectively….

Women's Month E-Book

Every year in August our country celebrates Women’s month.  During which we reflect on women’s achievements, as well as the problems they have faced in the struggle to be free and the important role they continue to…

Leadership E-book

Download the Leadership E-book here With great pleasure we bring you our special edition Leadership E-book, with an amazing collection of essays written by some of the most experienced leaders in our industry. During your…

Insurtech 2020 E-book

Friday 13 March was the last day of the Cape Town leg of Insurtech2020. It was also the last time I shook the hand of any person. Almost everyone started physical distancing from there. Within…

Budget 2020 E-Book

My most important take-out is that it was indeed a Rubicon speech. Tito do have a mandate to fix things and he clearly communicated that he is aiming at doing just that. It was not a declaration of war.