Financial Planning

The use of Trusts in Estate Planning

A trust can support and protect   COVER Magazine interviewed Brett Field of Fedgroup Trust regarding the use of trusts by financial planners in creating a holistic plan for their clients.   COVER: Are financial…
Financial Planning

Business assurance concerns

Business assurance is undoubtedly a lucrative area for the financial advisor to specialize in, as it is such a technical and specialist area that the bulk of advisors tend to avoid it out of fear….
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The myths of risk tolerance

Risk is not always clearly understood when it relates to investments. It is described in a variety of terms – think of “risk tolerance,” “risk acceptance,” “risk appetite,” “risk attitude,” “risk profile” and “risk propensity”….
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The boons of social media

Social media marketing is ideal for small business owners not able to carry out conventional marketing activities because of limited resources. It is defined as the ‘use of social networks or online collaborative media for marketing, communications, sales, public relations and customer service’. In South Africa, social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and MXit are consistently ranked in the top ten of the ‘most visited’ sites.