Personal journeys from our history

By: Tony Van Niekerk, Editor COVER magazine Less driving, less travelling and less events freed up some time to catch up on some outstanding books.  One of the great privileges of my job as editor,…

South Africa's First Advisory Recruitment Firm

The Recruitment Council is South Africa’s First and Leading Financial Advisory Recruitment Firm. They strive towards excellence and professionalism in order to provide their clients with superior talent acquisition

Staff working from home

It is important that legal responsibilities and requirements are properly understood and followed to avoid claims by employees or their household members and fines and other penalties imposed on employers. 

Freedom Day 2020

As we celebrate Freedom Day during lockdown, remember that we are not locked up, we are free in every way that matters.

Career Development and CPD

There is regulatory required CPD studies and then there is personal growth and skills development. COVER and LearnOn have teamed up to provide you with the best opportunity to leverage

Enrich your mind

If you are anything like me, social distancing will seriously impact your consumption of live theatre and musical performances.However, many wonderful producers of live entertainment