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Ensuring sustainable compliance and security

Many of today’s organisations are struggling to implement a sustainable compliance programme that can address the full set of compliance mandates and adapt quickly as mandates evolve or new mandates are created. Insiders can be bribed, coerced or even recruited specifically to join the organisation to steal sensitive information. With this in mind, do you know if your team is prepared to defend against these sophisticated attacks, and do you know who in the organisation you can trust?
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Essar exit to boost Safaricom

Essar has decided to exit the Kenyan telecommunications market. Despite having decent market share metrics, yuMobile was struggling to survive in the Kenyan market. News of Essar selling its Kenya unit first broke in June 2011 when India’s Economic Times quoted two unnamed sources saying Essar was looking for a buyer for its telecoms operations in that country and that it would be willing to sell the business for about USD 300m. However, the Kenya office denied this claim.
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Make sure your Wi-Fi measures up

Carrier-grade Wi-Fi is about capacity, integration and scalability. It’s about stronger Wi-Fi signals at longer ranges, ones that adapt automatically to environmental changes. It allows for more concurrent users per access point, with stable connections at higher data rates. Ultimately it’s about unmatched performance and scalability. It’s smarter, faster and more reliable, and while industry terms are often bandied around, carrier-grade Wi-Fi is critical to successful deployments that not only meet capacity and scalability needs, but user expectations as well.
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Africa’s social business solution

Local players who understand South Africa’s unique IT and communications environment have a definite edge over global players. A recent trip to the US showed how maturing markets implement social business software (SBS) in their corporate structures, and highlighted this in contract to South Africa and Africa, where SBS is in its infancy. There are lessons to be learnt here from these emerging leaders.

M2M technology in insurance

M2M has reached a stage in its evolution where it’s now creating compelling new business models and risk mitigation strategies for insurers. In a number of different ways, M2M is giving insurance customers the opportunity to demonstrate more responsibility in managing their own risk profile – in return for tailor-made policies and better premiums.

The digital ink pot

The standard practice, where parties are in different locations, has been to print a document, sign it in ink, scan it and send it to the other parties with a view to collating all the counterparts containing each signatory’s original signature at a later date. However, the advent of ‘electronic signatures’ means one can sign a document ‘electronically’ without having to print it and with no lag time between the signature and collation of documents.

Tweets and likes for businesses

It’s easy to launch a social media presence. All you need is internet connectivity via your desktop, laptop, cell phone or tablet. But before you jump in, think of social media as an extension of your current communications strategy. Assess your communication goals, then consider whether a social media presence will help you reach your target market and if it is a good vehicle to deliver your messages. Keep in mind that the primary aim of social media is not to sell, but rather to build relationships.