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The myths of risk tolerance

Risk is not always clearly understood when it relates to investments. It is described in a variety of terms – think of “risk tolerance,” “risk acceptance,” “risk appetite,” “risk attitude,” “risk profile” and “risk propensity”….

Value in Japan

The near 20% fall in the Japanese market in the wake of the earthquake and tsunami has led some Japan watchers to regard this as a unique buying opportunity. They point out that the affected…

Half full or half empty?

We started the year optimistic about equity markets but three months on, it’s hard to know whether we should be pleased or disappointed. Equities have had a sluggish start to the year but, in the…

Investment lessons for 2011

Note: Although these comments have been made from a UK perspective, the points and examples apply equally well to global markets. There are few new lessons in investment – just a constant need to be…