Mediation makes the wheels of justice turn effectively

By: Danie Weideman, accredited mediator, LindsayKeller Danie Weideman, an accredited mediator at LindsayKeller, provides some insight into the mediation process that has been introduced to law.  Why should legal practitioners and their clients take note…

Demotion as an alternative to retrenchment

A number of international and local companies have requested that their employees work from home due to the dire consequences of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. With some employees

COVID-19 and insurance claims

If you haven’t already dusted off the business interruption, liability and event cancellation policies you have underwritten, or placed for an insured, and checked for coronavirus coverage, now is the time to do so.

Covid-19 National State of Disaster

Aadil Patel the National Head of the Employment practice at Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr says with the increasing changes to conventional ways of working and doing business and the knock on