February 2020 Edition

With the industry focus moving from risk transference to risk mitigation, there comes a strong move to technology to facilitate new processes and efficiencies. This shift is also having an influence on the relationship between…

January 2020 Edition

Outlook 2020: The choice is yours 2019 was a better year than 2018, with green shoots in some places and 2020 forecast to be even better. However, growth depends on many variables and uncertainty is…

COVER's November 2019 Digital Magazine

[siteorigin_widget class=”SiteOrigin_Widget_Image_Widget”][/siteorigin_widget] NHI: If or When? Amongst the many interesting articles we bring you this month, two struck me as focussing not just on the practical and technical side of the industry and life, but…

COVER's October 2019 Digital Magazine

Don’t miss the Agri Feature in this months edition of COVER. It always seems to me like Agri- Insurance is mostly happening behind the scenes and that the segment has to quietly

COVER's September 2019 Digital Magazine

A few Twitter comments unleashed a trade war while massive economies fight unintended currency wars, with unexpected monetary decision adding spice to uncertainty. If you are wondering how all these

August 2018

Digital technologies have migrated from their roles as services at the periphery to core enablers of organisations. Along with the evolving role of digital technologies, comes

June 2018

Total global economic losses from natural and man-made disasters in 2017 were USD 337 billion, almost double the losses in 2016 and the second highest on record,

May 2018

The relevance of SMMEs has increased significantly over the past decade and, with the dawning of the 4th Industrial Revolution or, as some terms it, the 2nd