Building a world class business

Traditionally, UMAs are specialists in one area. However CIB seem to have broken the mould by doing business across broad lines, a couple of specialist lines as well as general lines. We caught up with Jon-Jon Smit, Executive…

Product contamination and recalls

Product contamination and recalls relating to food and beverages continue to make headlines globally.  While the recall of a product can be very costly and logistically complex, the impact on the business as a whole…

The art of integration

We recently had a fascinating conversation with Wimpie van der Merwe, the CEO of Global Choices about the design thinking principles behind their value added products (VAPs) and the integration process. Listen to this interesting…

IIWC's lockdown journey and year ahead

We recently had the chance to catch up with David Chow, IIWC President. David shared some of the highlights from the IIWC’s journey through lockdown and their strategy to add value to their members and…

Lived Experience of Mental Health

We recently caught up with Nick Elston, Inspirational Speaker on Mental Health, Nick will be speaking at the upcoming FPI Convention on the topic ‘Lived Experience of Mental Health’. Nick will be Sharing experiences of his…

Underwriting C&E Risk digitally, to enable brokers

Tony Van Niekerk spoke to Mark Barrow, National Marketing Manager at Mirabilis about the newly launched Mirabilis Online platform. Mark also shares some insight around the last 18 months and how Mirabilis managed to weather…

Modernising or replatforming

A big question nowadays, with technology being such a major driver of our industry, is whether you put the big bucks in and build a new system, or whether you just modernise what you’ve got….