Commercial Crime trends

Commercial Crime losses are very much economically driven, so with the turbulent market that we have been facing the last few years, it would make sense to see a change in the Commercial crime trends….

Gearing up for IFRS 17

IFRS 17 transforms the accounting processes for insurers across 100 countries, and applies a new set of standards, calculations, and criteria to insurers’ financial reporting. Insurers across the continent are preparing to transition from current…

Talking Tech with Tavio Roxo

Technological advances in recent years have completely shifted the way insurance eco-systems operate. These systems can bring together insurers and UMAs in ways that weren’t possible before, giving them a whole new scope of opportunities….

Untapped data opportunities in the intermediary space

Data in the intermediary space has become an essential component in how brokers do their business, however it’s not really being used to it’s full potential by brokers. COVER recently chatted with Kali Bagary, Founder/CEO The…

Insurance Innovation Across Africa

COVER recently had the chance to catch up with John Kamau, Corporate Accounts Manager, Africa at SSP. John gives us an update on the technology landscape across Africa. Listen to what he had to say…

Enabling Partnerships

Last year really brought out the value of advice and it has been one of the things that has carried, especially the broker environment and the specialist insurance environment, through this difficult time. With the…