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Taking the risk out of trade

The consequences of payment default by a major customer can be devastating, and possibly even threaten the survival of the firm. Trade Credit insurance exists as a risk mitigation tool
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Insurance needed more than ever

South Africa’s constantly evolving risk environment makes a holistic approach to risk management and business insurance more important today than ever. The risk landscape, whilst not hostile, is indeed…more
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Identity theft costs SA over R1b a year

The identity theft industry is costing South African businesses in excess of R1 billion annually, according to a statement by the South African Fraud Prevention Association this year. This staggering cost highlights the need for…
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Aon Underrated Threats Report 2015

Aon strongly believes that damage to reputation should be viewed as a significant business risk, yet only 44% of executive and non-executive directors surveyed agreed with this. Many believe that business is complacent about brand…