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Warning: Africa's tax exposure and risks

PwC warns that multinational organisations operating in Africa need to consider the tax treatment of their transactions upfront – or face significant tax exposure. Contractual terms may have a significant impact on the applicable withholding tax, and may range from anything between five percent to as much as 30% of the gross amount of the transaction. Planning for a withholding tax liability allows for certainty regarding the tax liability associated with any commercial transaction.
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Risk planning for SA weather

The city of Johannesburg came to a standstill as a result of the heavy rain experienced in the region at the beginning of March, more than double the usual average for the month in less than two weeks. These erratic weather patterns highlight the need for businesses across the country to implement stringent risk management policies, as it seems that traditional seasonal weather patterns are no longer dependable.
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Ensuring sustainable compliance and security

Many of today’s organisations are struggling to implement a sustainable compliance programme that can address the full set of compliance mandates and adapt quickly as mandates evolve or new mandates are created. Insiders can be bribed, coerced or even recruited specifically to join the organisation to steal sensitive information. With this in mind, do you know if your team is prepared to defend against these sophisticated attacks, and do you know who in the organisation you can trust?
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Global growth in transactional risk insurance

While many firms are looking beyond their own borders for mergers and acquisitions opportunities, the unfamiliarity associated with doing deals overseas means they are taking a much more cautious approach to warranty exposure. Transactional risk insurance solutions mitigate this risk. New entrants to the market, coupled with falling premiums, have fuelled product innovation as insurers look for new ways to differentiate themselves from competitors and sustain their books of business.
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The risk of riots and civil unrest

Riots are a risky business. According to Sasria’s 2013 annual report, its claims frequency increased by 91% driven primarily by labour strikes, while claims severity increased by 135% compared to 2012. Sasria’s importance seems clearer than ever as the uncertainties in the socio-economic environment mean that ‘special risks’ as defined in Sasria’s terms of reference, have become a permanent part of the risk management landscape as the challenges of industrial action, workplace disruption, social unrest and service delivery protests proliferate.
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Behavioural risk - what has your ERM framework missed?

Risk management has gone through quite the transformation over the past ten to fifteen years, with behavioural risk becoming top-of-mind for most insurers. But is there a crucial element to their portfolios that they have missed? ERM framework has to include the consideration of risk economics, particularly including the behaviour of the stakeholder as a risk.