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Warning: Risky investments!

South African investors need to be aware of the difference between risky businesses and risky investments, as often the confusion between these can result in missing out on opportunities within the current market environment.
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67 reasons to fight fraud

67 reasons why we have to fight the good fight and use the skills and tools at our disposal to fight fraud and corruption, and allow our country to once again shine
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The flip-side of risk opportunity

With a growing insurance gap and regulatory changes in the offing, risk opportunity are abound in the life insurance industries. The smart money’s on insurance players that are ready to seize the opportunity for change.
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Annual tax phishing season: no one has learnt

A long list of recent warnings has been posted on the SA Revenue Service’s e-filing site. In a section dedicated to fraud and cyber-crime, SARS warns of numerous phishing mails and attempts to defraud taxpayers. These range from emails falsely advising of a refund, to mails purporting to come from banks, asking recipients to confirm their bank details for tax purposes.
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IIG hosts first Insights Seminar for 2014

The Insurance Institute of Gauteng held their first IIG Insights Seminar for 2014 on Thursday, 10 July. The seminar addressed the issue of complex claims and learning from large losses. The topic was unpacked from all angles, and we heard from insurers, lawyers and reinsurers. Speakers for the day included: Sedick Isaac, Tony Hardie, Christopher MacRoberts, Deniro Pillay, and Bonny Steyn and Cleaver Warikandwa.
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Transcending the tax turmoil

Worldwide companies are increasingly paying more attention to tax compliance, recognising the risk of both hefty fines and the potential of damage to corporate reputation. Governments, policymakers and the public are paying closer attention to corporate tax practices, with more risks around tax than ever before.
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The dark side of cyber crime

Cyber crime is not science fiction; it’s about risk management. According to the Global Risks Report 2014, released by the World Economic Forum in collaboration with Zurich Insurance
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Rethinking risk mitigation strategies

One poor decision made under the pressure of crisis is enough to land a company’s board of directors or senior management in hot legal water, often resulting in financial and reputational ruin, stress-related illness and even jail time. More and more, directors are being held accountable for neglect or breach of their fiduciary duties and in our increasingly litigious society, it is inevitable that directors approach and behaviour toward their governance duties and responsibilities must change.