Claims and the question of onus

Frank Liebenberg Post graduate insurance lecturer School of Economics and Business Sciences University of the Witwatersrand Ana Mullins Managing Director Phoenix Underwriting Managers (Pty) Ltd Fundamental principle In dealing with an insurance claim, in practice,…

Marine Insurance Feature

Marine insurance is mostly thought of as insuring ships and other watercraft. Smaller brokers, who understand that it goes much further and, amongst others, includes cargo by road

A most extraodinary case

Rand Mutual Assurance v Road Accident Fund The recent case of Rand Mutual Assurance v Road Accident Fund 2008 (6) SA 511 SCA is yet another precedent- setting case. In the history of insurance law…

The tourists are coming!

With the approaching December holiday season, and the excitement of the new year which will follow, two things are certain: firstly, the tourists will be coming and secondly, they will be both local and international….

Educational resources available

The growing demand for education and regulatory compliance in the insurance industry has accentuated the necessity for the availability of quality knowledge material to satisfy this critical need. The IISA’s extensive library and bank of…

ILASA and Ethics

The Institute of Loss Adjusters (ILASA) has a broad Code of Conduct comprising four main principles: high standards of skill and etiquette; a relationship with the principal of trust, confidence and good faith and the…