Delivering in unprecedented times

Looking back on 2020 as a whole, it was tough on everyone, and people had to adapt quite fast. COVER recently caught up with Jonathan Rosenberg, the CEO of Renasa Insurance and got his perspective…

2020: Exciting changes to build on with Tavio Roxo

COVER’s Tony van Niekerk recently caught up with Tavio Roxo, co-founder and CEO of Onga Wari groups’ OWLS™ Software. Tavio chatted to Tony about his thoughts on 2020 and his expectations for 2021. Watch the…

Riding the waves of change

COVER’s Tony van Niekerk recently connected with Dean Richardson, Director of Sales at SSP, a global insurance software provider, to discuss their 2020 experience and the opportunities presented for 2021. Watch the interview below:


Global Choices’ Live24Assist, provides insurers, underwriters and brokers with an easy-to-use live video stream solutions for their clients. With instant visual assessment for faster resolution of emergencies, vital visual facts are captured and digitally labelled…

Data-driven Insurance

Tony speaks to Beat Strebel the Swiss Re African Market head, about data-driven insurance and how we apply tech advancements to make insurance more accessible and affordable across the continent. Watch the interview below: