August 2020 Edition

What an exciting month for the COVER Team.

First we finalized the COVER Leadership Publication, a compilation of 30 articles penned by well know leaders in our industry. Inspired by the current unpredictable environment created globally by the COVID-19 pandemic, the chaotic South African political landscape and a disappointing local economic outlook.

Next with August being Woman’s month we asked a group of women, from the hundreds of inspiring ones in our industry, to reflect on their own inspiration and share their thoughts with the industry. You can read some of the great contributions in this months edition and/or download our Women’s day E-book pdf.

Then thirdly, with never a dull moment in the world of investing. The current South African economic and political climate, combined with the fall-out from COVID-19 makes it essential to search for professional advice to ensure you diversify effectively. We used to talk about 25% offshore allocation as being sensible, but that was two decades ago and the global scene was not as chaotic as it is currently. Your clients need advice and you need advice. Your job as a professional and the professionals you look to for advice has become the only constant that will guide us all through these turbulent times. The offshore feature in this months edition has great advice and insights from a few of our industry experts in the field.

All three of these inspiring volume; Leadership, Women’s month and Offshore investing, can be downloaded separately from our website as E-books and filed for future reflection and sharing.

We hope you enjoy this months edition of COVER and our front cover reflecting the chaos and uncertainty of the current times.

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