Bleak festive season for 300 animals

Animal Ambulance, a 24hr emergency shelter for sick and abused animals, is home to 300 animals including dogs, cats, horses, donkeys, pigs, goats and sheep. These animals have all been rescued from dire circumstances, and are given a second chance thanks to the care and compassion of the pro-life shelter.  

This year, Animal Ambulance, who rely solely on donations from the public, have been hard hit.  

“The Covid-19 pandemic has affected everyone – physically, financially and emotionally.  As an animal shelter, it’s been devastating – our intake increased due to animal owners not having funds to care for their pets and our rehoming has decreased due to the lockdown restrictions.  As a result, we’re on the backfoot for food supplies for the December and January period and are appealing to the public to assist,” says Maria Conradie, the Founder of Animal Ambulance.

Conradie states that it costs the shelter approximately R45 000 per month to feed the animals in its care.  The organisation has received a donation of R25 000 from Auto & General Pet Insurance, but the balance is still outstanding. 

“A R350 ‘meal ticket’ makes the perfect Christmas gift and will go a long way to keep our shelter afloat and our animals fed.  The funds are also used in Animal Ambulance’s outreach work in rural areas,” says Conradie.

To sponsor a meal ticket, please visit: https://qkt.io/V3urGg

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