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Budget 2020 E-Book

Boldest Budget Yet?

Could this be the Rubicon speech that we have been waiting for?

In this E-Book I bring you comments from a variety of specialists to give you a broad sense of how the budget was received.

My most important take-out is that it was indeed a Rubicon speech. Tito does have a mandate to fix things and he clearly communicated that he is aiming at doing just that. It was not a declaration of war. More like a declaration of intent. A signal that the direction has changed. This is a signal to all who are not on the same path. We are not here to negotiate. We have decided and we will pull you along.

Tito (read: The good side of the ANC) did not make any unrealistic statements to save us from the pain, although he communicated the bad news very diplomatically, almost in stand-up comedian style. Yes, of course there had to be some politics in there. The Sovereign Wealth Fund and the State Bank, seems to be unrealistic, but I listened past that, to the meat of his announcements.

Now What Am I To Do?

I often travel up into other African regions, with travel times ranging from 26 to 36 hours one way and often get asked how I can still get work done over that time. When I get onto a plane I sleep, whether it is a five hour leg or a 9 hour leg. My view is that once I am in my seat, I can add no value to anyone. I have zero knowledge of airplanes and therefore have no control over my destiny for the next few hours. It is the most relaxing feeling ever. Just let it all go.

When it comes to politics and the economy, especially regarding these policy and budget decisions, I have no control and just have to let go, making the most of the journey.

It does not mean that we cannot do anything to make South Africa the country we would like it to be and that we have no power to shape of communities the way we would like them to be.

There are numerous individuals and organisations that are doing just that. River and ocean clean-ups, elder care, homeless shelters, animal welfare patrons, battered women shelters. The list goes on. Reading feedback on the I’m Staying movement and The Good Things Guy channel, it is clear that thousands of citizens are “doing their thing” to make it work and whether it is you running you business well and upskilling/paying your staff to improve their lives or simply engaging with strangers in shopping queues, it all contributes.

The secret is to be positive. Positive about life. Positive about the good things we have. Positive about the difference you can make and positive about the fact that millions are positive.

This way we can support Tito in his quest to be positive and to make a positive impact on society.

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