Chatbots: The Wait is over

We have all been waiting for the impending arrival of chatbots in South Africa’s financial sector and now the wait is over! You will from now be increasingly interacting with a wide array of bots across the financial sector.

How do I know this? Well as a start, COVER Publication’s very own Newsbot will be going live any day now, allowing you direct access to select newsfeeds from around the world. You simply select the financial topics that you are interested in and your bot will find you articles for you to review.

That’s not all, FinChatBot (FCB) the developers of COVER’s news-bot are also about to deploy live distribution chatbots for 2 of SA’s biggest insurers. These bots are at the very cutting edge of fintech and will be crucial in engaging the next generation of financial consumers: Millennials

If you don’t know what a Millennial is then you probably aren’t one (under 35?), but here is an eye-opening stat for you: The average Millennial exchanges an average of 67 messages per day! What’s more, those messages are five times more likely to be read than an email, with an average response time for a message of 90 seconds rather than 90 minutes for an email.

If all that sounds mind-blowing, don’t worry help is at hand! FinChatBot is attending the Insurance Conference at Sun City and will be available to answer your questions. You can try COVER’s newsbot out or one of their other bots, chat with the team and experience the future of fintech.

The applications for this tech are vast…customer service, claims management, lead generation, training, distribution, quality assurance, news feeds… the list of active applications is growing, and growing rapidly.

Chatbots are a reality, just ask FinChatBot.

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