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Chief Executive Officer to sadly leave IRMSA this year

By: Thabile Nyaba, IRMSA President

On behalf of the Exco, I would like to announce that after ten years of service to the Institute of Risk Management South Africa (IRMSA), our Chief Executive Officer, Gillian le Cordeur, has tendered her resignation and after a structured handover will be leaving her formal position as CEO by end of April. However, further communication will be issued regarding the exact date once the transition is finalised.

This has been a huge decision for Gillian who has decided to forge a new path. Gillian during her journey with the Institute, has been a strong advocate and dedicated leader, and we know that the Institute has been a major part of her life for many years. Given the strong relationship with IRMSA, the IRMSA EXCO and the CEO have worked very carefully and deliberately on a solid transition period to ensure that the IRMSA team, members and stakeholders do not feel any disruption and that the IRMSA spirit, which has most certainly contributed to IRMSA becoming a leading professional body, will continue to thrive and grow.

During Gillian’s decade at IRMSA, she has worked with various EXCOs and four Presidents, who together led IRMSA to new heights.

As an organisation, we are pleased with the many milestones and successes we have had and as we reflect on some of the highlights, we can see how far IRMSA has come. Over the last ten years, we are proud of the following key milestones that have brought the risk management brand and the profession into the spotlight:

  • Recognition of IRMSA as the only professional body for risk management by the South African Qualifications Authority;
  • Professionalisation of risk management- development of two qualifications through the Quality Council for Trade and Occupations; and introduction of two board exams with related designations;
  • Growing of IRMSA staff to a strong and dynamic team and opening an IRMSA training centre in Sandton;
  • Developed global and local partners; and increased IRMSA brand and footprint beyond South Africa with the establishment of regional committees and membership
  • Introduced the South Africa Risk Report, which is already at its 7th edition.
  • Most importantly, as acknowledged by Gillian, all of these were done with the incredible members and thought leaders that IRMSA is privileged to have and of course, it was all done with so much fun, passion and hard work which made it all worthwhile.

Gillian has described her exit as a big opportunity for IRMSA to show further transformation and for IRMSA to take its next ‘step up’. Although she will no longer be the IRMSA CEO in a few months from now, she will continue in a support role to IRMSA and the incoming CEO, and ensure a smooth transition. We are grateful that Gillian has availed herself to this transition period and that she will continue to be a part of the IRMSA family and journey.

In the next few months, members and stakeholders will be kept appraised of the appointment of the new IRMSA CEO and the process that will be followed. The EXCO has created a working group which will lead the process and make sure that IRMSA appoint a CEO who will be well equipped to take on this very important role.

Whilst we are saddened about Gillian leaving us later in the year we are also excited about the way forward and how IRMSA and you as valued stakeholders can continue to grow and achieve great things on the bright path that has been created.

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