Constantia Insurance partners with Ami to bring innovation to the broker market

Constantia Insurance Group

On Tuesday 8 March, Constantia Insurance announced its partnership with Ami Sure (Pty) Ltd (Ami), an innovative new digital underwriting manager which will provide a full suite of personal lines products focused on the traditional and high net worth market segments. 

“Constantia is a fully intermediated business,” says Peter Todd, CEO of Constantia Insurance Group. “As operators in this space, we feel this part of the industry is being underserved. This is why we’re aligned with Ami’s vision to provide support to the intermediaries who play a critical role in advising clients on complex products. Constantia believes in the unquestionable value of advice provided by brokers and wants to make it easier for them to do business. Through this partnership we will help enable Ami to bring something fresh and innovative to this sector of the insurance industry.”

Ami, under the leadership of Christelle Colman, is expected to launch to market in August 2022.  

Todd is confident in Colman: “Our business is built around successful partnerships with industry experts. There is no better person in the industry when it comes to personal insurance than Christelle, so we’re delighted she is partnering with us given her credentials and track record in the industry.”

The strategic alignment of this partnership lies in the fact that both businesses’ offerings are tailored toward the intermediary and are aligned in their purpose, vision, and values. With most innovation and product development taking place with direct insurers Ami plans to buck this trend by using technology to complement and enable the broker, freeing them up to focus on doing what they do best – advising and protecting their clients. 

In South Africa, less than 4% of start-up capital is available to woman-led businesses, a reason why Ami co-founder Christelle Colman says more woman don’t start businesses. By supporting Ami, says Colman, “Constantia is committed to gender inclusive change in our industry and supporting female entrepreneurship.” The signing of the agreement, which coincided with International Woman’s Day, represents Constantia’s continued commitment to creating change through strategic partnerships.

If you want to know more about Ami’s journey leading up to launch, head over to  

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