Conversations with Insurtechs – Episode 3

Conversations with Insurtechs is a series of conversations with the founders of various insurtech startups, exploring their business purpose, journey and sharing their adventures with our audience. Mixing tech, business and adventure in unscripted conversations.

In this episode COVER’s Tony van Niekerk, chats with Michael Cannon, Director at Mitig8.

Now you wouldn’t immediately think insurtech when you think about Mitig8 because they are not one, they don’t have any insurance product that they are selling through an innovative app and they don’t provide that service to businesses. They are more in the risk mitigation, risk management type of space, however they are very much well embedded in the value chain of insurance.

A few highlighted points:

  • They saw a massive gap in the market when it came to firstly, understanding risk, and then in managing the risk
  • They connect insurance brokers, underwriters and service providers on one platform
  • The platform was built with insurers needs in mind
  • Allows for insurance brokers, underwriters, as well as the service providers, being the risk surveyors and valuators, to sign on and operate within the platform
  • Survey requests, quotes, the whole risk survey report writing and risk improvement actions, can be done in one place, on the platform

Watch our conversation with Michael below:

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