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Cornerstone celebrates 20 year milestone

Cornerstone, a subsidiary in the Assupol Group of companies celebrates its 20th anniversary in September. It provides affordable and relevant products to a select market and with over 70 branches nationwide, this is an illustration of the level of success it has achieved over the years.

Cornerstone Chairperson and Assupol Life CEO Bridgette Mokwena-Halala said, “I’m very fortunate to be part of the team as Cornerstone reaches its 20th anniversary, our passion and care for this select market segment has allowed us to provide for much needed services for a minimal cost at a time of need. Our ability to pay claims within 48 hours as well as treating clients fairly, has set us apart from our competitors and helped us to grow significantly through the years.”

Cornerstone was founded in 1994, where the need for a formal assurance product for the aged was identified. A request was made to investigate the possibility of developing a product that would be both affordable and sustainable. Through extensive research, wide consultations with various stakeholders, Cornerstone Group Scheme started operating in September 1995.

The initial target market was exclusively for pensioners and disabled people receiving government grants in the Kwa-Zulu Natal province. However, it was later rolled out countrywide. Mokwena-Halala continued to say, “The most important part of success and growth in this highly competitive market segment is to be able to respond to specific needs of your target market and be responsible for their needs. The ability to be quick, flexible, practical and having strong systems in place has allowed Cornerstone stone to provide its products to a wider target market.”

Showcasing our successful growth in the market, we have over 250 000 existing policyholders and we pay an average of R1,5 million in claims per month.

Every successful business is backed by people who have combined their creativity, diligence, and passion to support its products and services. As Cornerstone we are now preparing ourselves for new challenges and opportunities which we will face in the market. We are constantly looking at ways to reinvent ourselves in the market place in order to stay a leader.

We are honored and humbled by this milestone and would like to express our appreciation to all our clients who have been with us over the years, it is through your continuous support that we have come this far. Cornerstone is grateful for the immense contribution towards the success of the business today and we look forward to the next 20 years.


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