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January 2020 – Outlook 2020: The choice is yours

2019 was a better year than 2018, with green shoots in some places and 2020 forecast to be even better. However, growth depends on many variables and uncertainty is our main challenge. In Outlook 2020 we asked a variety of thought leaders across the scope of the industry to share their outlook and expectations for 2020. There are definitely some nuggets to assist you with your business strategy.

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February 2020 – Growing the Market through education

With all eyes on prescribed assets and where investors can optimise return with maximum safety, regulations around prescribed assets are under the spotlight. In its worst form, prescribed assets implies free licence from government to do what it wants with retirement fund assets by prescribing how they are invested. Thus far, what has been said about prescribed assets may sound like a familiar script – similar to some of the debates around expropriation of property without compensation, or the nationalisation of the South African Reserve Bank (SARB). In other words, a lot has been said, without much in the way of implementation. This is according to David Crosoer, Chief Investment Officer at PPS Investments, read more of his perspective on prescribed assets on page 38.

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March 2020 – COVID-19 Into the unknown

We have no experience to refer to. Markets, Business, Employees, Governments, Health Professional, Pensioners, we are all in the same boat. There is so much information going around and the updates are by the minute. On page 51 we have a thorough analysis of the legal implications of the Virus by Norton Rose Fulbright while IRMSA Alert shares some thoughts on how the virus could affect your business on page 64.

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April 2020 – Hanging on

In this months edition Donald Dinnie, Norton Rose Fulbright, provided us with two fascinating articles looking at claims in the time of the COVID-19 Virus on pages 10 and 12. You will also find several more perspectives on pages 13, 19, 21, 22, 27, 34, 35, 46, 49, 61, 63 and 67.

Don’t miss the article on page 63 that explores the effect of the oil price plunge and COVID-19 on the African countries most involved in the oil trade. It paints a challenging picture.

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May 2020 – Touched by Tech

Quite appropriate to the COVID-19 push towards remote working and technology solutions needed to keep the insurance industry going, this issue is mainly dedicated to Insurtech and the various solutions it provides. Here we bring you a host of views, from varied perspectives, on the back of another highly informative Insurtech conference. Check out the full feature in this issue. From a COVID-19 perspective, technology saved the day and we should expand on the experiential lessons we have learnt, to not just accelerate recovery, but to enhance the value we add to our stakeholders.

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June 2020 – Construction and Engineering

During the third week of June, President Ramaphosa hosted the Sustainable Infrastructure Development Symposium South Africa (SIDSSA). The initiative aims to increase engagement between the public and private sector at every stage of the project life cycle, from planning to financing and implementation. The goal is to “emerge with a fundable infrastructure project pipeline”.

In this months Construction and Engineering feature of the magazine we bring you a few different views on the realities and opportunities we have before us.

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July 2020 – Forged by the COVID inferno

Insurance and the very essence of our existence are created from adversity, from the need for certainty in a world of chaos. As an industry, we do not have to succumb to this adversity, neither do we need to surrender to the path of least resistance. Whatever the outcome, we need to be able to say that firstly, we held up our side of the bargain and secondly, we leveraged this adversity to enrich the world.

In the July edition of COVER we take a look at the industry outlook, what we can expect to see come out of the COVID-19 inferno.

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August 2020 – Where in the world is value

In this months edition of COVER we bring you not one but three special features. Firstly, with August being Woman’s month in SA, we have the woman’s month feature. We asked a group of women, from the hundreds of inspiring ones in our industry, to reflect on their own inspiration and share their thoughts with the industry.

Then we have a very special Leadership feature where we got some insights from some of the most experienced leaders in our industry.

Lastly, with never a dull moment in the world of investing, we have great advice and insights, from industry experts on the world of Offshore investing

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Leadership Edition – Thoughts on strategy, management and business

With great pleasure we bring you our special Leadership edition of COVER , with an amazing collection of essays written by some of the most experienced leaders in our industry. 

During your read you will certainly glean many insights into leadership, but for me, the one thing that stood out was authenticity. Authenticity creates trust and inspires even the most dissenting voice into positive action and has the power to create unity where there is great diversity.

Every business, industry and our country as a whole, now needs strong, authentic leaders to take us through this period of unprecedented challenge.

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September 2020 – Globe of Risk

For many, if not all of us, 2020 has been a year that’s required a complete rethink of how to approach certain situations and for a while – especially during the hard lockdown period – normal, day-to-day activities have become almost alien. Louis Kahts, CIB, Head of Underwriting makes some interesting comments about our industry’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic on page 17 of this issue.

We are faced with changing consumer behaviour, very low economic growth over the next few years and political uncertainty, calling not just for “out-the- box” thinking but for “out-of-character innovation”. Leveraging off the way we managed the pandemic could just be the best strategic planning platform for our prosperity.

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October 2020 – Innovation: Lifeblood of progress

We are now poised for stellar growth in premium and wide spread inclusivity, only requiring us to take the bold steps of being allowed to and then proactively utilizing the multiple technology innovations available to us. Now consumers on the continent can be reached efficiently enough to make it viable to pursue them.

With the rise of technology innovations, there has been lots of talk about the end of the broker, with insurtech taking over insurance distribution. On page 8, we chat with Renasa to find out what they think about the sustainability of the broker channel.

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November 2020 – Retirement: A matter of planning

Retirement has become a more complicated matter than ever before. Besides the political and economic challenges, the normal tax planning and investment decisions, we now also have a myriad of different options to choose from when it comes to products, platforms and funds to work through. 

There is a direct correlation between the quality of your planning and the quality of your retirement. In the retirement feature in this months magazine, we unpack the road to retirement as well as the opportunities from retirement, so be sure to check it out from page 26 – 35.

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December 2020 – Marine Insurance: Braving the Surf & Turf

This has been a tough year for all and Reinsurers were no exception. The year has however confirmed Reinsurers position as the foundation of the industry. The pressure brought about by COVID-19 and the fall-out still expected, is bound to lead to some changes in the year to come. Read what the experts have to say in our regular December Reinsurance Feature from page 20 – 34.

Just like every other industry, the marine and cargo sector are also facing severe challenges. We asked a few prominent players for their comments.

Happy holidays from all of us at COVER.

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