COVER Magazine spanning 2021

January 2021: Riding the storm

The first edition of the year we dedicated to the thoughts and opinions of people across the industry to provide perspective on what was and what was predicted would be on the cards for this year. Give it a read and see how the predictions held up.

February 2021: The advice edition

We dedicated this issue to advice, because advice is the backbone of the insurance industry, both long term and short term.  When the chips are down, it is essential to have a plan, to be prepared and to have a trusted adviser at your side.

March 2021 Edition: All Things Wheels

Insuring vehicles has always been the foundation of the insurance industry, but, with a fast changing personal and business transport landscape, innovation is constantly transforming the industry. In this issue you will find  feedback from the various contributors to our motor insurance feature discussing innovation in this sector.

April 2021 Edition: Small Business

The serious lack of appropriate insurance products and advice for the SMME market is one of the key issues exposed during the lockdown. Make sure you read the SMME Feature in this edition, where contributors provided thoughts on the insurance needs of this most valuable economic sector of our country. 

May 2021 Edition: Innovation – A journey, not a destination

In this edition we brought you full coverage of our exciting webinar series, The Insurance Innovation Journey, exploring digitalisation from a strategic innovation perspective. If you are interested in innovation, insurance technology or digitisation regarding any aspect of the insurance value chain, I highly recommend you read this edition.

June 2021 Edition: Construction & Engineering

The Construction segment of the industry, on all levels, usually signals the health of a countries economy and the prosperity of its people. The building of infrastructure is a key facilitator of economic growth. We can read so much into the activities that come out of it. Be sure to read our Construction and Engineering feature in this edition.

July 2021 Edition: Insuring the Wealthy

In this edition we took a look at the broader insurance needs of the wealthy, the opportunities and challenges and the contributors commented on the specific needs of this segment and the best way to harvest the opportunities. Give it a read for the latest developments in this niche segment.

August 2021 Edition: Equity vs Equality

Our August edition appropriately titled “Equity vs Equality” has some insightful contributions made by several amazing women in our industry filled with accounts of challenges, struggles, victories and lessons we can all learn from on the road to embracing the full potential of women.

September 2021 Edition: Insurtech – Think again

Never has uncertainty and volatility been more pronounced but, at the same time, never has the opportunity to manage and mitigate risks and uncertainties been more available to everyone. As an industry, it is up to us to provide the tools and knowledge for mitigation and managing of risk. In this edition you will find two features that clearly demonstrate this.

October 2021 Edition: Heavy vehicle insurance

In this edition we have two features well worth the read. Heavy Haulage; which is an area of insurance that has seen big transformation and innovation due to the massive increase in risk to the trucking and the insurance industries; and the healthcare funding environment, where our contributors unpack how they managed to keep the contribution increases low.

November 2021 Edition: Not as calm as it seems

It is no exaggeration to say that the liability risks faced by businesses have never been higher. In this edition you will find our liability feature where our contributors unpack the varied risks and sophisticated solutions in this space. 

December 2021 Edition: Marine: End to end

The Marine segment is yet another segment of the industries that has been massively impacted by the various risks faced in 2021. Take a look at the marine feature in this edition some where we unpack some of the issues faced by this segment.


Advice Innovation E-book

There is no doubt that those who had the best financial advice coped best last year. When the chips are down, it is essential to have a plan, to be prepared and to have a trusted adviser at your side. This E-book looks at the value of advice and an investment strategy.

A special thank you to our Advice & Innovation E-book sponsor, Momentum

The Insurance Innovation Journey E-Book

We hosted a series of webinars to discuss digitilization from the perspective of innovation. With all the insightful knowledge shared, we created this e-book where several presenters at the webinar shared their thoughts on this journey, especially the strategic approach to digitization.

A special thank you to our Insurance Innovation Journey E-book sponsor, Owls Software

Women’s day E-Book

Always a highlight of the year. In this E-book we have a compilation of article looking at the contributions women make to our industry, the challenges faced by them and at how we, as an industry, serve women. We take a look at women in leadership, growing the participation of women and also leveling the playing fields for women.

A special thank you to our Women’s day E-book sponsor, Santam

Cyber Security E-Book

The online world has evolved rapidly over the past 24 months, driven mainly by the work-from-home revolution. The unplanned transition that happened in a very short while exposed cybersecurity weaknesses that cyber criminals were quick to exploit. This E-book takes a look at cyber risk and insurance from various angles to assist you and your clients in your mitigation strategies.

A special thank you to our Cyber Security E-book sponsor, SHA Risk Specialist, a division of Santam

FPI Professional Convention 2021 E-Book

A convention is nothing without excellent speakers and relevant content and this years convention had plenty of both. The content at the convention was extremely relevant in that it helped financial planners to understand themselves, their clients and how they can leverage FPtech to strengthen the sacred client-advisor relationship. This E-book serves as a recap of some of the insightful presentations over the 2 days.

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