COVER’s November 2019 Digital Magazine

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NHI: If or When?

Amongst the many interesting articles we bring you this month, two struck me as focussing not just on the practical and technical side of the industry and life, but invite ethical, moral, political and religious debate to the same stage of serious business challenges. The articles take a look at LGBTQ in the workplace and the NHI – will it or won’t it happen – question.

Workplace diversity and inclusivity goes far beyond just employing more women and reaching Employment Equity targets. Risk Management expert, Dr Dexter Morse explores the controversial environment of LGBTQ in the workplace on page 51.

With regards to the NHI, opinion varies greatly, not only on whether it will happen but also on whether it will be catastrophic or usher in a new dawn for healthcare in South Africa. Read all about it in our Healthcare section.

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How will the NHI Impact the Private Health Sector?

Opinion varies greatly whether The NHI will or won’t happen, whether it will be catastrophic or will usher in a new dawn for healthcare in South Africa. Find out what Michael Settas, Independent Strategic & Technical Healthcare Advisor has to say in his article on page 18.

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Munich Re urges local firms to assess their cyber risk readiness

Cyber risk management is an imperative to protect companies and their customers from ever increasing cyber incidents especially cybercrime. According to a recent report, there are more than 13,000 cyber-attacks daily in South Africa, this just reaffirms the importance of firms reviewing their cyber risk exposures. Nico Conradie, Chief Executive at Munich Re of Africa talks more about this in his article on Page 12.

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From wrap funds to a far more robust approach

The old “wrap funds” of the past referred layers of fees and any sub-par funds less obvious. The Discretionary Fund Manager offerings of today are a lot more robust, typically offer clients the choice of using model portfolios, fund of funds or even personal share portfolios. Find out more about Discretionary Fund Managers with Florbela Yates, Head: Momentum Investment Consulting on page 30.

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What value do you create? A look at today’s financial adviser role in SA

The FMI team explores the role of the Financial Planner in modern-day South Africa. Three challenges and three solutions. Definitely worth the read on page 40

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6 Ways software automation increases the customer experience

The difference between great and inferior customer service is very clear cut from the customer’s perspective. Companies on the wrong end of this spectrum pay the price. This is true for all industries, including insurance. One poorly handled claim or mishap with confidential data could escalate
into a public relations nightmare. For this reason, the software service providers that cater to the insurance market, like any other industry, are starting to focus their products with the end-user in mind. Tavio Roxo, CEO of OWLS Software gives insight into ways software automation can increase customer experience on page 51.

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Financial education is everyone’s responsibility

South Africa is in the midst of a savings crisis – we simply don’t have enough money to last us in retirement. The best chance of correcting the situation is if industry players and professionals work together to give more people access to financial education.

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