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Digital Insurance: Insurtechs are set for the future

COVER was fortunate enough to get a chance to chat with Pieter Venter, General Manager at Ctrl. We asked him a couple of question about himself, Ctrl, Insurtech and Insurtech’s affect on the middle man.

Who is Pieter Venter and Ctrl?

First up Pieter gave us an introduction to who he is, what Ctrl is and how it came about.


Where are we at with Insurtech in the industry?

Technology plays a role in every aspect of insurance, we asked Pieter where he thought Insurtech was at in the Insurance industry.
It is important to recognise with large trends, that we tend to overestimate the time frame and underestimate the impact and this is very true in the insurance market and with Insurtech.


How does tech impact the middle man?

Tech changes the industry for every role player that is involved in the industry, from the back office to the front office but also the middleman. We asked Pieter how he thought technology impacted the middleman in general.
Many thought the internet would be this big disintermediation machine and that eventually there would only be the consumer and the product supplier that would be in the transaction, but this isn’t true. Some of the biggest middlemen out there are Google, Uber, Airbnb, Gumtree, so we can see that instead of taking away the middleman, it has just evolved and taken on a new form.

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