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Distracted Employees Damage Company Productivity

photo pf Elaine WrightTony Van Niekerk, Editor of COVER Magazine interviewed Elaine Wright, Wellness Strategist at Momentum Corporate on new research that highlights how distracted employees damage company productivity.

Tony started off by asking Elaine to give us an idea what presenteeism is all about and what she thinks the cause is.

After getting a brief overview of what could cause “presenteeism” Tony asked Elaine if they found any of the casques were more prominent than others.

With an average of 30% of the workforce being affect in a company, Tony asked Elaine if she thought it was an easy thing to deal with and what impact she thought it had in the Financial sector.

Then lastly Elaine was asked, from an employers perspective, what they can do or what has been done to deal with this?


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