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Equity versus Equality Webinar

The United Nations’ Global Goal 10 calls for reduced inequalities within and among countries, and this can only be achieved if equity is demanded… so help fix it! Join the webinar.

This concept, which often focuses on those who have not been treated equally, has become vital to overall global development.

A panel drawn from various disciplines in South African society will highlight the impact of establishing equality through equity.

Equity is necessary to address the imbalance in the world’s most fundamental issues from gender and education to resources and the workplace.

Understanding the difference between equity and equality is vital and our Webinar ‘Equity, not Equality’ delves into this question and interrogates the divisions that begin at the cradle.

Date: 04 August 2021

Time and format : 2 Hour Webinar session via Zoom

Webinar speakers include:

Sharon Paterson, CEO: Infiniti Africa
Jacqui Jooste, CEO: Coface South Africa
Jackie Gallagher, Manager: Sparrow Schools
Nico Conradie, CEO: Munich Re of Africa

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