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Fairheads wins at IRFA conference

At the IRFA Conference in Durban last Monday, Fairheads Benefit Services was awarded with a Gold Standard Certificate for Excellence in Communication.

Fairheads’ award submission was titled “Going to the People” and covered its overall communication strategy based on accessibility for its members, represented by minor dependents and their guardians or caregivers most of whom live in remote rural areas around Southern Africa.

Fairheads has developed several industry-first, innovative distribution channels. These include a unique field agent programme which supplements the long-standing guardian roadshows, a state-of-the-art contact centre and walk-in offices in three cities and a document collection system enhanced through a partnership with TEBA Limited

David Hurford, Director: Marketing & Consulting at Fairheads Benefit Services, said: “Our member-centric, accessible approach is indeed paying off in all areas of our business. The award affirms our core purpose of enriching people’s lives by protecting and administrating fiduciary monies.

“The primary purpose of beneficiary funds is to allow minor dependents to subsist and complete their education in the event that they lose a breadwinner. We believe that beneficiary funds serve a critical social role especially in a region such as Southern Africa where education is fundamental to the broader social upliftment of our community.”

The IRFA “Best Practice” certificates are awarded to entrants whose entries score above 75%. The purpose of the certificates are to recognise funds who have implemented best practices in their strategies and programmes.

Fairheads Benefit Services

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