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First-in-the world transport innovations for Discovery

In a one-on-one interview last week, Discovery Insure CEO Anton Ossip chatted to Cover about some of the exciting new partnerships rolled out by Discovery Insure – of which there are many.

“Most recently, we have been working on a panel beaters solution, which went live six weeks ago and is already have success.

““A failing all of us in the industry that many of us have found finds is that there’s so much communication that happens when a client’s car gets repaired, and so many people involved, that actually makes the process quite expensive. So we’ve developed a web portal where all our panel beaters upload the progress on each car which comes in in real time, that clients can then access as well as brokers – in real time. This is a win-win because both broker and client are saved the frustrating and helpless situation of not wanting to phone people and wait for feedback, and also oftentimes the car sits there for two and a half weeks and that’s expensive in terms of rental cars for the insurer also. And the panel beaters, by cutting down on that waiting time, get paid sooner. Cutting a few days off really does make a big difference for everyone.”

Perhaps even more notably, in an effort to reduce road accident statistics Discovery has partnered with Gautrain and also with taxi tour de force Uber – the first insurer in the world to do so.

“We wanted to get more people off the roads between the hours of 11pm and 4am, when research shows that motor vehicle incidents increase significantly. The fact is that there are a lot of motor vehicle accidents, and people have just accepted it as a way of life – when 12 million people died on the roads in the world last year alone! So by offering benefits to our clients such as a 25% discount when they use Uber or the Gautrain, we have already seen a 50% reduction in the kilometres driven between 11 and 4:30 throughout the country.”

Stay tuned for Cover’s article in the September issue, which will host the full Anton Ossip interview – and exciting new titbits about Discovery’s future innovations.

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