From Disruption to Evolution

In this exciting webinar we looked at the evolution of insurance, discussing the fact that just fitting insurtech innovations into the insurance industry is no longer an effective competitive strategy. 

The conclusion is that the insurance model has to fundamentally evolve, with every aspect embracing a new strategy for growth. We unpacked the possibilities with world leading experts who are actually doing it revealing some of the incredible opportunities that lie ahead for the visionaries who want to evolve the industry and their businesses for the future.

To evolve is not just a “plug & play” anymore, it is a holistic strategy to innovate the business and industry as a whole, with client needs and efficiency at the centre. We need to seamlessly integrate the ecosystem of the industry with that of the client: Understand, communicate and engage are the keys to adding real value, with technology a distinct part of the value chain. Everybody agreed that we cannot simply expect technology to solve our challenges for us. We need to rethink our processes entirely and then decide where the insurtech innovations fit in. That’s when true evolution will take place.

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Alan Burger, CEO and Co-founder of Infoslips, a recovering serial entrepreneur who says InfoSlips seems to have satisfied his passion. The simple idea that the modern document is broken, set him on the path to change how we communicate—one document at a time. His career saw him taking on various roles, including Chief Technology Officer, Business Development Executive, Programme Manager, and Chief Executive Officer.

Steve Symes, CEO of Genasys Technologies has been involved in system software development and management since the 1980s. The opportunity to develop a customer-centric insurance management platform for a European insurer in 1997 was the start of Genasys Technologies, and what was to become SKi® (Software Key to Insurance)

Bryan Falchuk is the Founder and Managing Partner of Insurance Evolution Partners, a company that advises carriers and their partners on how to navigate an evolving industry facing disruption and change. He is also a best-selling author and public speaker, including several TEDx Talks. His new book, The Future of Insurance: From Disruption to Evolution, shares case studies of seven carriers who overcame the barriers to change we face in the industry to innovate in the face of disruptive threats.

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