Haibo Coronavirus poster series

Download the complementary Haibo coronavirus series today, to help keep your people safe and flatten the curve.

A demographic of the South African population which is facing a tremendously high risk of contracting the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), is the millions of workers who have recently returned to onsite places of employment. This is what inspired the Haibo Coronavirus© poster series, formulated by collaborators of The Game Influencers business index.  

The Game Influencers highlight that at no time in the recent history of South Africa has quality, accessible and reliable information been more crucial. The Haibo Coronavirus© poster series, aims to help address this issue, by providing employers with a striking resource that can be put up in and around workplaces, to keep critical information about the dos-and-don’ts related to COVID-19 health and safety aspects, top-of-mind for all employees. 

It also forms as a quick, iconographically illustrated reference guide to the fundamentals of COVID-19 health and safety measures, which safety officers can incorporate in their toolbox talks in the morning. 

The series covers four of the key COVID-19 health and safety topics, namely: knowing the COVID-19 basics, identifying and minimising onsite risks, curbing onsite spread, and conducting safe meetings. The sources that are referenced on the posters include the World Health Organization (WHO), the Department of Health (DoH) and the National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD). 

There are two main aspects that distinguishes this poster series from all the other information that is already available on the topic. Firstly, it does not only cover one aspect at a time – such as for example, hand washing – but each poster comprehensively covers the most critical aspects that you need to know about each of these four key COVID-19 topics. 

Secondly, the poster content is in super-easy-to-interpret layman’s terms, whereas a substantial amount of COVID-19 resources is composed in high-level technical jargon which is pitched to safety officers, executives and management. 

The entire series is furthermore available in three key South African languages, namely: English, Sotho and Zulu, which means there are a total of twelve posters. The format is in high quality infographics that was purposefully designed so that it can be printed anywhere from A4 to A1 sizes, and with the choice to have it laminated. Considering that employers are responsible for the health and safety of their remote workforce, the posters are also suitable for electronic distribution to employees who are working from home. 

Even though the series was written by a senior copywriter, translated by professional translators and designed by a senior graphic designer, the series is made available to employers for completely free, as a small contribution by The Game Influencers, in a bid to encourage all South Africans to do what it takes to keep our people safe and help flatten the curve. To download the series, simply go to: https://gameinfluencers.kartra.com/page/haibo_series

It is important to note that this series can by no means substitute any of the protocols that are prescribed by our authorities for each industry. It simply forms a solid foundation of basic COVID-19 health and safety practices,that are supposed to be practised by every one of us, every day.

The Game Influencers is a newly launched business index that is set to showcase and promote businesses for doing well by doing good, supported by the resources to do so, through its Hall of Knowledge. For more information, visit www.gameinfluencers.co.za.

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