Hard Tech – Soft Touch 

We are once again talking tech with Tavio Roxo, Owls Software and Tony van Niekerk, COVER magazine.

In this episode they discuss Tech vs Human. We are always looking to tech to do the heavy lifting and provide efficiencies but at some point the soft touch (human) comes in, the question is where is the balance between the two.

A few highlighted points :

  • It’s important for us to understand where tech starts becoming a hinderance in that lifecycle of the engagement with the customer.
  • From a system design perspective, you wouldn’t want to put something on a technology architecture, if it’s not something that is completely replicable.
  • There’s a drive towards cost saving and efficiency. But there does come a point where you can only squeeze so much efficiency out of a technology platform
  • It comes down to the product in a particular niche where specialist skills are required by humans
  • The disparity really is around the type and complexity of product that’s been distributed into the market or the complexity of the risk.

Watch the discussion below:

Talking Tech With Tony & Tavio ep 1 from COVER Publications on Vimeo.

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