He who defends everything, defends nothing

By: Icepack and Chalcid
Donald Dinnie & Robert Bennetto of Icepack & Chalcid will be presenting at COVER’s #Insurtech conference 6-7 June at the Wanderers club, Illovo, Johannesburg. His presentation is titled ” How to make really good decisions” and is not to be missed. For more on the conference or to register click here 

Below is a sneak peak into what you can expect from their presentation

Operation Overlord, the opening of a second front in Europe by the Allies, long pleaded for by Stalin, comprised of a collection of operations including Bodyguard, and Fortitude North and South.
All were designed to diminish the possibility of resistance and bring about the Normandy landings under the most advantageous circumstances. The operations in totality were designed to ensure the enemy was too dispersed and confused to launch an effective counterattack. The strategy involved the creation of fictional armies, the use of Hobart’s Funnies, capitalising on the use of Ultra, dummy tanks and planes, a double for General Montgomery, Mulberry harbours, and reliable weather forecasting all wrapped up in a massive and unprecedented logistical operation.
The Overlord planners, who began their task in earnest a year before the landings, had to deal with complex planning, training and operations.
A successful invasion required clarity of leadership, flexibility of personnel and materiel, actionable intelligence, tactical decision making, contingency planning and improvisation and robustness. Successful Optimisation and coordination of all these components was essential.
Donald Dinnie and Robert Bennetto will talk to the lessons learned from the optimisation, planning, and execution of Overlord. From the use of trust-networks, secret- networks and cryptography, now being realised in block-chain, advanced cryptographic mechanisms and zero-knowledge proof constructs. To robust supply-chain planning, scheduling and multi-objective optimization which have seen many orders of magnitude improvement in both computational speeds, sophisticated discrete solver run times, and data collection by real time sensor networks.
Taking advantage of the new opportunities provided by technology, and applying them to the modern business world, is how Icepack and Chalcid and its inter- disciplinary team of mathematical scientists, developers and business people have
developed a world leading optimisation service for easy use by the insurance industry and beyond.

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