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Hollard & Tracker launch Telematics product for fleet

Charl Swarts, head of Hollard Commercial and Personal Insurance says, “The technologies that Drive-I utilises have been designed in South Africa for South African conditions and are able to support the full offering of Drive-I benefits”.

“The Hollard Tracker partnership offers brokers a tool that ensures a differentiated risk solution for their clients, ensuring their role as risk advisors is cemented. It goes beyond Hollard’s already leading edge property risk management offering to establish Hollard as the commercial insurer of choice for risk conscious clients who see the value technology can bring to their business. “

What sets Drive-I apart from other products is the unique combination of services and technology. “Tracker has invested a significant amount of time into research and development to ensure that we address the relevant needs of both the commercial and fleet market, the Broker and the Insurer.  Everyone benefits.” Says, Sandra Page, Tracker’s Head of Insurance Business.

Additionally, the increase in accidents, theft and hi-jacking of trucks and delivery vehicles has heightened the need to recover stolen vehicles and the loads they carry, with driver safety also becoming a non-negotiable for business.

Crucially, Drive-I looks after driver safety in the event of an accident. Should the vehicle be in an accident and the driver is not able to confirm that no injuries have been sustained; Hollard will immediately dispatch an ambulance and arrange for the vehicle to be recovered and repairs managed, reducing downtime.

At the same time valuable loads would be secured from looters and the vehicle will be taken to an appropriate location for safekeeping. This minimising of down time by efficiently managing the repair process is a significant operational benefit delivered by Drive-I.

“Creating a connected service through the unique combinations of services like incident management and roadside and medical assistance, reduces the cost of the incident (towing and storage as well as claims turn-around time) and ensures the driver is taken care of should he or she be involved in an accident.”


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