Hollard presents: Big Ads for Small Business – join us!

Over the next six months, Hollard will be sharing its advertising space with 12 small businesses. The aim is to give them marketing support and business tools to help them thrive – investing in better futures and a better economy for all.

We’ve created an interactive virtual world to launch Big Ads for Small Business and would love you to join us on this futuristic platform for a first of its kind SMME exhibition. 

Learn from some of the country’s top entrepreneurs and influencers as they talk about the value of small businesses and share their tips and recipes for success.

Date and time: Tuesday 2 March 2021, 10am to 11.30am


  • Heidi Brauer, Chief Marketing Officer, Hollard
  • Andile Khumalo, Chartered Accountant and entrepreneur
  • Fred Roed, founder and CEO of the Heavy Chef learning platform for entrepreneurs
  • Mo Flava, radio show host, influencer and small business advocate

How to join: simply click here to RSVP by COB on 1 March 2021

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Hollard Big Ads for Small Businesses  FAQs

Can you tell me more about the Hollard Big Ads for Small Businesses campaign and how it came about?

The current economic climate is exceptionally difficult and small businesses need a boost. Hollard’s purpose is to enable more people to secure a better future. With this in mind, they’ve decided to share their advertising space with 12 small businesses across South Africa over the next six months, to promote them and help them overcome the impact of the pandemic and to thrive in the long term. 

That means their big billboards, street pole ads, radio spots, digital ad spaces and TV spots are all going to work for the little guy. Big Ads for Small Business has been designed to create a collective knock-on effect of better futures, starting by supporting some brilliant small businesses across South Africa.

They’re doing this because they know the act of sharing their ad space with small businesses will help create opportunities for better businesses, better communities, a better South Africa and better futures.

Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zKL2lleX5wQ&feature=youtu.be

Visit the website here: https://www.hollard.co.za/bigads 

How were these businesses identified?

Hollard employees selected SMMEs with which they had positive interactions in the past year – 292 were listed, of which about 12 were chosen. The criteria used included factors such as whether the business would benefit from the Hollard’s support and the marketing campaign taking into consideration that they were in a position to grow from a solid base and if they would be able to handle and sustain a rapid increase in business. 

The measure of success of the Bigs Ads for Small Businesses campaign will be to increase the prosperity and success of the selected SMMEs.

Will these businesses be able to handle the sudden influx of new business? Will Hollard be assisting them with this?

The businesses were carefully selected to make sure they have the infrastructure to deal with all the new business they may receive from their new ad placements. 

What do the businesses get out of this? 

Ideally each business will benefit from a boost in sales and new customers, but they will also be getting nationwide exposure, which can be hugely beneficial in the long run, allowing them to be top of mind with potential customers.

What is the value of the advertising per business?

Each business will benefit from roughly R1-million in advertising spend. This does not include agency fees and assistance with the creative.

How long will these ads be running for?

The campaign will run for six months from February 2021 until August 2021.

What is a “Big Ad”?

A “big ad” is any kind of big-budget advertisement that a small business would otherwise struggle to afford. This includes TV ads, large billboards, promoted social media content and radio ads.

Which SMMEs were selected?

  1. African Accent

Distribution hub

The spaza shop for other spaza shops

African Accent started a unique service as a spaza shop distribution service, bringing local and international brands to townships around Gauteng using bicycles. They pride themselves on connecting upcoming local brands to people through their network. The use of bicycles has meant they’re able to deliver goods to any corner of the township and to do it quickly.    

About the entrepreneurs

Bongani and Sibongile are a husband-and-wife combo who left the corporate world 11 years ago to create their own opportunities. The business was started from their passion for township economic development and they wanted to prove that you don’t need to leave the township to find your pot of gold. You’d be surprised to know only one of the two knows how to ride a bicycle!

For business enquiries, contact Bongani Mabuza:

Phone: 072 517 0829

Email: mabuza.bongani@gmail.com 

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/SpazaShopTour/

  1. Busanimen Tailors

Tailored clothes

Helping men look their sharpest

Busanimen offers tailored suits and formal wear for special events such as matric dances, graduations and weddings. Its fitted suits can be tailored to a wide variety of styles and materials to suit any occasion. An additional service they now offer includes corporate packages for companies looking to enhance their corporate identity.

About the entrepreneur

Nkululeko started his business to offer the exclusiveness and sense of luxury that suits lend to people, but at an accessible price. He loves being his own boss because there’s no limit to how far he can take the business. His mother is his original inspiration as he grew up working every type of job in the restaurant she owned, including cleaning toilets. In the future he hopes that Busanimen will become a household name for affordable and accessible suits for everyone in South Africa.

For business enquiries, contact Nkululeko Mahlangu:

Phone: 071 172 0423

Email: info@busanimen.com 

Website: https://www.busanimen.com 

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/busanimen

  1. Ground One Coffee

Coffee company

Supplying a quality coffee fix

Ground One Coffee provides complete coffee solutions for any establishment that needs its services and high-quality hot beverages. Its product offering includes supplying its brand of coffee options, along with hot beverages like hot chocolate, spice chai, red espresso, white hot chocolate and frappe mix. Beyond that, its services include ordering, training, quality control and technical services for coffee machines and grinders. 

About the entrepreneur

Pride started Ground One Coffee because he wanted a coffee company that represented African tastes. He started out literally from scratch, going door-to-door to restaurants selling coffee out of his car boot. Part of the job includes regularly tasting the coffee for quality control, which makes for rarely a dull moment. The business has ambitions to bring Ground One Coffee to the rest of Africa, and eventually the world. 

For business enquiries, contact Pride:

Phone: 078 934 4936

Email: info@groundone.co.za 

Website: https://www.groundone.co.za/

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groundone.roastery.1

  1. Haircelerate 

Hair products

A hair care brand that will grow on you

Haircelerate is a local hair care brand that promotes love of and care for your hair. Their main goal is to promote natural, healthy hair by providing products that assist with hair growth, health and care, as well as providing answers to people’s hair questions. The company has formulated a hair vitamin supplement, a five-in-one hair oil and an intensive shea butter treatment. Its product range now includes satin sleep turbans, with even more products on the way.

About the entrepreneurs

Sisters Jo-Ann and Berenice started out trying to find a hair growth product that would work for them. The product they ended up with worked so well they decided to make a business out of it. They believe having great hair has the power to make people feel more confident and self-assured. Working together as sisters was an exciting opportunity, even though Berenice is a Libra and Jo-Ann a Scorpio.

For business enquiries, contact Berenice and Jo-Ann Stanley:

Phone: 065 800 1612 or 065 804 9650

Email: info@haircelerate.co.za 

Website: https://haircelerate.co.za/ 

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/haircelerate/

  1. Journey Leather

Leather brand

Making leather personal

This is a proudly South African leather brand celebrating local craft with beautifully unique pieces. All of its products can be personalised with names, initials or symbols. This is what makes its already beautiful products one of a kind. Every product that leaves the Journey studio is different and reflects the passion that is sewn into the business.

About the entrepreneurs

Sisters Bianca and Nina started Journey Leather when they weren’t able to find the kind of styles they liked from any of the local leather companies. Their appreciation for leather came early on as they grew up around their father’s leather goods factory. By recruiting local artisans in Cape Town, they were able to build a full range of unique products. After starting small at local markets, they’ve now both been able to quit their day jobs to focus fully on their business.

For business enquiries, contact Bianca and Nina:

Phone: 082 583 7998

Email: journeysouthafrica@gmail.com 

Website: http://www.journeyleather.co.za/

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/journeyleather

  1. Moja Chicken

Fast-food franchise

These chickens are spreading their wings

Moja Chicken is a black-owned, grilled-chicken restaurant that was established in Soweto in 2019. This new kid on the fast-food block has its own delicious signature Moja sauce that sets it apart from the flock. Its bright and bold approach helps it get noticed in all the right ways, while its rooftop container set-up means customers can enjoy good vibes with a view. 

About the entrepreneur

Letlhogonolo’s love for chickens began when he was put in charge of feeding his grandmother’s chickens before he left for school every morning. Moja Chicken took years of planning and was a way for him to bring together his three passions of cooking, entrepreneurship and chicken. Going forward, he wants to take the brand beyond South African borders and expand into Africa. The one thing Letlhogonolo was not ready to share with us was the secret to his famous secret sauce. Sorry, we tried …

For business enquiries, contact Letlhogonolo Motseeng:

Phone: 061 427 1445

Email: admin@mojachicken.co.za 

Website: http://www.mojachicken.co.za/ 

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Moja-Chicken-319293212273575

  1. Ronewa Creations 

Landscaping services

Creating Greener Pastures

Ronewa Creations uses its botany and horticulture expertise to provide planning, design, implementation and landscape maintenance. The business provides services for the private sector and government, as well as for regular homeowners. Its newest venture is in agriculture – the owners have been farming their own fresh produce to sell directly through their WhatsApp online store.

About the entrepreneurs

Lesego’s grandmother was the original inspiration for the business as she still loves gardening and plants. Lesego and her aunt Dinah both grew up in a home filled with an eclectic mix of beautiful plants. Rowena Creations first blossomed when Lesego was in her final year studying botany. She decided to combine her passion for the scientific side of plants with her creative side. Their three-year plan includes expanding into other major cities, employing more teams and educating people about going green.

For business enquiries, contact Dinah and Lesego:

Phone: 083 675 3842 or 065 804 3789

Email: admin@ronewacreations.co.za 

Website: https://ronewacreations.co.za/ 

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Ronewacreations

  1. SchoolHub

Payments platform

Adding value to school payments

SchoolHub handles all your school payments on one secure platform, creating a cashless school shop that can in future be used across multiple schools. SchoolHub lets parents manage their children’s tuckshop choices, order uniforms, pay school fees and pay for field trips. SchoolHub uses pocket-money limits, purchase reports and messages to parents to set safe boundaries and help children learn how to transact safely and wisely as they embark on their journey learning about money.

About the entrepreneurs

[Awaiting answers from interview]

Speak to your school about SchoolHub and download the app now.

Website: https://www.school-hub.co.za/ 

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/SchoolHubApp 

  1. Thesis Lifestyle

Streetwear brand

Inspiring South African youth to define themselves

Thesis Lifestyle is a streetwear brand founded in 2005 to illustrate a new point of view in the township. Its clothing range includes hats, t-shirts, jackets and sneakers, among other items. The business is multifaceted and operates in the four pillars of clothing, retail, social impact and events. They currently have two stores in Soweto, as well as an online retail store. It’s regarded as one of South Africa’s favourite underground brands, but is still able to work on collections for big brands. Its ongoing mission is to inspire young people to define themselves.

About the entrepreneurs

Galebowe and Wandile started Thesis Lifestyle to illustrate a new point of view about street culture. They originally came together over a mutual love of music and soon decided to work together to change the face of the township through their brand. Wandile credits the late Wandi Nzimande from Loxion Kulca as a major inspiration for the business, as he broke down many walls in the South African fashion industry. Their plans for the future include expanding their production line and continuing to grow the brand organically, one store at a time, one township at a time.

For business enquiries: 

Phone: 011 982 1182

Email: info@thesislifestyle.co.za 

Website: https://www.thesislifestyle.co.za 

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/ThesisLifestyle 

  1. Next Level Learning

Education provider

Giving children the building blocks for their ABCs

Next Level Learning is the publisher of THRASS, which stands for Teaching, Handwriting, Reading and Spelling Skills. Its focus is on the early childhood development and foundation phase. Beyond that, the business also provides teacher training, and is endorsed by the South African Council for Educators.

About the entrepreneur

Mojaki originally bought the Next Level Learning business in 2017 because he saw the potential that the THRASS system had to change the lives of young kids. He has been inspired by Alan Davies, the founder of THRASS, who brings so much energy and passion with his innovative learning methods. Mojaki believes if you love what you are doing, you’ll get up every morning ready to get out there and make it work.

For business enquiries, contact Mojaki Finger:

Phone: 082 448 8028

Email: mojaki@nextll.co.za 

Website: https://www.thrassafrica.co.za/ 

  1. Koni Wines


Putting magic in a bottle

Koni Wines is a proudly black-owned brand that is paving the way for future generations of young, aspiring wine professionals. It is based in the Western Cape and has been selling both red and white wines since 2015. Its mission is to offer good taste and smooth flavours for all types of wine lovers. They pride themselves in providing consistent quality through the years.

About the entrepreneur

Koni Maliehe wanted to bring something different to the wine market, and that something different was her. She started offering wine tastings to tell her story and show off the unique look and feel of her bottles. She has brought her experience to people of all backgrounds – from those with no experience of wine, all the way to wine connoisseurs. Koni started with just two wines but expanded her range to suit her growing market. The two people she would love to share a glass of Koni wine with would be Oprah Winfrey and Thuli Madonsela, which may be tricky as Thuli doesn’t drink …   

For enquiries, contact:

Email: info@koniwines.com 

Website: https://www.koniwines.com 

  1. All Things Laundry


Cleaning up the competition

All Things Laundry is a township-based laundromat specialising in small batches and bulk laundry. It covers everything from household laundry to bulk orders like the cleaning of PPE, company uniforms, hotel linen, restaurant linen and exhibition fabrics. The secret to their success is that they believe in building long-lasting business relationships with their customers by providing exceptional service.

About the entrepreneur

William had a passion for entrepreneurship ever since he started selling sweets in the schoolyard. It was the birth of his twin boys that led to him opening his own laundromat, looking to bring a better quality of service to the sector. A big lesson he has learned from his experience is that taking responsibility and being accountable will benefit your business. Another lesson was that employees won’t always love your music playlists. Luckily, you can always just put the radio on. He’s hoping one day for his family to continue the business and keep the legacy going for years and years to come.

For business enquiries, contact William:

Phone: 067 915 4898 Or 079 033 3177

Email: info@allthingslaundry.co.za  

Website: https://allthingslaundry.co.za 

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/All-Things-Laundry-282529428944253

Campaign video playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOqakA2f3iiAHL1uDw9TyXHXC-aKOkCjv 

Where can I find out more about Big Ads for Small Businesses? 

You can find out more about each of the small businesses on the Hollard website at hollard.co.za/bigads

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