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IISA History Magazine 2016

Dear Readers,
We have great pleasure in attaching a copy of the recently released GOLDEN JUBILEE 50TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE IISA 1966-2016.

The IISA commissioned this brief history of the IISA which was written by Professor Robert Vivian who has served on the Professional Standards Committee for many years and is a student of the history of the Insurance Institute movement in South Africa.

There have been many challenges and opportunities along the way for the IISA since 1966 and it was felt that this history story should be encapsulated for students, members and the general insurance industry who have been supporters of the Institute for so many years.
We thank COVER magazine for arranging the printing and production of this brief history and hope that all who read it will be better informed about the achievements of the IISA as it passes its 50th year milestone in 2016.

Also a very sincere thank you to the generous sponsors who helped to finance the production of the history and who are acknowledged in the brochure.

Enjoy the read.
Best wishes
David Harpur

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