Improving customer outcomes

By: Naked Insurance
Aligned with the broader insurtech movement, we are excited about relentlessly pursuing ways to improve customer outcomes. For us at Naked this means:

  1. Technology enabling a new generation of customer experience: convenience, ease of use, and customer control, at the click of a button.
  2. Technology dramatically reducing the cost of delivering insurance, and ultimately how much the consumer pays.
  3. Technology enabling levels of transparency that were previously unthinkable in an industry commonly regarded as a black box.
  4. A belief that this transparency will help redefine the relationship of insurance, changing it dramatically from what people knew in the past.

At the Cover #insurtech2018 conference, we look forward to sharing some highlights and lessons from the journey of building Naked Insurance.

Sumarie Greybe & Ernest North of Naked, will be presenting at COVER’s #Insurtech conference 6-7 June at the Wanderers club, Illovo, Johannesburg. His presentation is titled ” Surprising customer benefits in the new generation of insurance” and is not to be missed. For more on the conference or to register click here

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