Income Protection – The Time is Now

Lushan Enoch, Sanlam risk specialist talks to us about the importance of having an Income protection policy in place.

A few key points Lushan mentioned:

  • We have seen a large increase in claims, particularly in the medical sector and health services professions
  • January to December 2020, we paid R29.25 million in sickness claims for being booked off from work due to Covid-19 alone
  • The pandemic spotlighted the need to have something in place for when you are booked off work for long periods of time due to illness
  • We paid 60% more income protection claims in 2020 as compared to 2019
  • The gap between what people need and what they have in place is getting much larger

If there is one thing that this pandemic has done, it is to shine a spotlight on just how important it is to have some form of income protection in place.

Lushan Enoch

Watch our conversation with Lushan below:

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