A COVER Webinar Series

The most important webinar series in the quest to take advantage of the opportunities presented by a fast changing insurance landscape.

Practical, interactive and up to dateWith seasoned experts.

2020 will be known as the year when business weakness and strength were exposed and a time when slow moving consumer changes were accelerated. It is now more important than ever to ensure your innovation journey is well informed and starts off on a solid foundation. Watch this free series of 2 seminars and 3 Masterclasses that took place over three weeks. 90 minutes per session. You won’t regret it.

The purpose of the series is to unpack the Insurance Innovation Journey, looking at the basics of innovation and connecting the dots. The questions around innovation are numerous: Who should come up with the ideas, who should drive innovation, which ideas are worth pursuing, where do we start innovation in the business, etc?

Inclusivity and relevance are two key pillars to explore. How do we reach a much broader market and ensure they are ready to take up insurance plus create a value chain conducive to taking the client from start to finish? Secondly, how do we ensure the industry stays relevant through the shift in how clients behave plus how business is evolving around the insurance industry?

The answer lies in understanding the innovation process in the insurance industry and making sure your business is geared towards innovation in this new environment, with new tools, new partners and very different clients.

Seminar One sets the scene and discusses the foundation, where to start, what to pursue and who to involve. 

Seminar Two broadens this into the intermediary space. How does innovation in the intermediary space look, where are the opportunities and how do we unlock them.

Workshop One starts with Embedded Insurance, as this is, in my opinion, is the most effective way to broaden the industry reach. We will look at Design Thinking/ Systems Thinking as starting with the problem is essential in embedded insurance.

Workshop Two takes on the subject of collaboration and partnerships as this is the current way of achieving best results in the shortest time, especially when it comes to embedded insurance, inclusivity and increasing the pie.

Workshop Three wraps up the series with a hands on session to go through the journey from a strategy, project management and execution perspective. The message is that the innovation journey is a holistic one. You need to start with the basic strategy of your business, do proper research and analysis while at the same time cultivating a culture of doing things better throughout the company. Then move up the journey from there.

If you missed our Insurance Innovation Webinar series, not to worry, you can watch the recordings below.

Seminar session

Seminar One: Making Innovation Happen 

  • Holistic, Continuous Innovation – Tony Van Niekerk, COVER Advisory
  • Innovating Throughout the Insurance Value Chain – René Schoenauer, Director, Product Marketing, EMEA, Guidewire Software
  • Innovation Opportunity Evaluation and Selection – Lireas Holdings

Seminar Two: Innovating the Intermediary Space

  • Data Secrets to Innovate the Intermediary Space – Kali Bagary, Founder and CEO The Data Company
  • Innovation Touch Points in the Intermediary SpaceatWork and LinkTank
  • A Coordinated Industry Approach – The Financial Intermediaries Association

Masterclass Sessions

Masterclass One: Embedded Insurance: The Next Big Wave

  • Optimising Embedded Insurance, Bancassurance – Daniel Guasco, Founder Click2Sure
  • Design Thinking, Wimpie van der Merwe – Group CEO and Executive director, Global Choices

Masterclass Two: Partnerships, Collaboration and Choice

  • Innovation & The Art of Choosing Partners – Andrè Symes, Genasys Technologies
  • Win-Win Collaborations – Daniel Guasco, Founder Click2Sure

Masterclass Three: Innovation & The Digitisation Journey

Interactive exploration of the Innovation & Digitization Journey with real life case studies

  • René Schoenauer, Director, Product Marketing, EMEA, Guidewire Software
  • Bruce Sahd, CaseJohnson & COVER Advisory