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Institute of Retirement Funds Africa makes crucial webinar freely available on YouTube

By: Institute of Retirement Funds Africa

A recently held Webinar on “Retirement Fund Contribution Options in the time of Covid 19,” presented and facilitated by the Institute of Retirement Funds Africa is now freely available to employers, retirement funds and the general public.

The Webinar features a panel of legal and subject matter experts and examines regulatory parameters in terms of options available to suspend or reduce retirement fund contributions due to the impact of the Covid 19 pandemic.

IRFA President Enos Ngutshane notes that the industry body has curated and consolidated issues and questions around these parameters into a comprehensive Webinar for the benefit of the retirement sector. The YouTube post screening have made this available in the public domain for anyone who did no attend the Webinar.

The recording of the Webinar is on the IRFA YouTube channel can be accessed on the following link:

The IRFA President notes that this is the first of many such service offerings to ensure IRFA members and the sector keep informed.  “Our priority  will always be the provision of world class service, programmes and  information for the benefit of the sector and the members of retirement funds. We assure the industry that, IRFA will ensure the best possible delivery mechanisms in order to achieve our stated objectives during this period of Lockdown and beyond.” We hope you will fine the Webinar informative and useful.

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